August 7

A Real Example Of An Injunction

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We are delighted to confirm that we were successful in obtaining an injunction at the County Court last week on behalf of a client.

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What is an injuction?

An prohibitory injunction is an order of the court to not do or cease doing something whereas a mandatory injunction is an order forcing someone to do something. Breach of the order has serious consequences as most will carry a penal notice meaning the subject of the injunction could be sent to prison for breach as contempt of court.

In order to obtain an injunction the court must be satisfied of a number of things and you must provide evidence in support of your case.

The circumstances of this case were that our client had a contract with the defendant to rent a house and was subject to threats with unauthorised access  to the property and harassment of her tenants.

He had attended the house and removed a shower cubicle and had earlier attended our client’s office and assaulted one of the staff.

The police had been called.

We attended court and obtained an injunction to prevent the defendant from contacting our client, a number of other people and attending the house.

Other issues will be dealt with at a further hearing. If you have similar problems and need urgent help please contact us on 01277 284574 .

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