August 9

A Successful Careless Driving Defence

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We are delighted to confirm the result of the hearing on behalf of a client who was charged with careless driving. 

driving offence overturned

She was a Senior Consultant Anaesthetist who had been driving for many, many years.  She had an unblemished driving record.  She was horrified to receive correspondence from the police alleging the she had knocked someone over at a crossing.  Another party had made a witness statement. 

Suspicious circumstances

The circumstances were very suspicious and we had to prepare fully for a magistrates court trial.  We saw that there was an irregularity in the charge and made representations on her behalf.  The Prosecution refused to listen and proceeded regardless.  This caused further unnecessary stress on our client who faced trial and losing her clean driving record. 

This must of course be distressing to anyone in the same circumstances. 

When the matter came to court it was adjourned for the Prosecution to review the position, a week later they withdrew the charges. 

We are now in the process of recovering some of our clients legal costs from the Ministry of Justice. 

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