October 31

A Successful Defence Against a Claim For Legal Fees

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Our client was taken to court over alleged unpaid bills to another law firm. Here’s how we successfully defended our client.

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Sanders Witherspoon LLP were successful on behalf of a client in defending a claim for legal fees against Tees Law.

Tees law had sought to enforce their alleged unpaid bill against their previous client.

However, notwithstanding they had been put on notice that they had not complied with the rules and the matter went to trial. The claim was dismissed with costs as they had not complied with the procedural requirements when seeking to rely on their invoices or bills.

Many Solicitors firms are often caught out by the mandatory requirements when seeking to enforce unpaid bills. These are technical matters whereby the law needs to be considered properly and fully.

The Judge quoted from the barrister Philip Williams of 33 Bedford Row’s skeleton argument in his judgement 

“…I agree with Mr Williams the Claim is bad in law and procedurally calamitous…”

Philip Williams

Tim Gir of Sanders Witherspoon Solicitors was the solicitor that dealt with the case said

“I was delighted to help our client in this case, especially as he had tried to settle before trial. It is always a big risk going to trial in this case the Judge felt the Claimant Tees Law had been unreasonable in bringing the case.”

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