October 21

Alex Reid has Statutory Demand thrown out at the High Court


Our Senior Partner Tim Gir along with Barrister Philip Williams of 33 Bedford Row represented Alex Reid on Friday 18th October at the High Court when they were successful in having a Statutory Demand thrown out. This type of notice which can lead to an application to make the recipient bankrupt, was served on Alex alleging he owed the Creditor a substantial sum of money.

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Alex denied this and with the help of his legal team had the demand set aside by making an application to the court. The court ordered that the alleged Creditor should pay his legal costs.

Tim Gir said “There is a process by which a person can challenge these demands but the time limits and procedures are strict. You have to know what you are doing otherwise it can become very costly. It is never guaranteed the court will dismiss them. We are delighted for Alex that the court came to the correct decision and hope this will be the end of the matter. It has been hanging over him for too long and has been very unfair.”

Alex said he was pleased the matter was at an end and would enable him to pursue his acting and boot camp careers without the worry of this case hanging over him.

The former cage fighter and his fiancée Nikki had recently confirmed she had suffered another miscarriage after IVF treatment. He said he hoped that now this matter was finished they would be able to concentrate on recovering from this awful experience.

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