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A Successful Careless Driving Defence


We are delighted to confirm the result of the hearing on behalf of a client who was charged with careless driving.  She was a Senior Consultant Anaesthetist who had been driving for many, many years.  She had an unblemished driving record.  She was horrified to receive correspondence from the police alleging the she had knocked […]


A Real Example Of An Injunction


We are delighted to confirm that we were successful in obtaining an injunction at the County Court last week on behalf of a client. What is an injuction? An prohibitory injunction is an order of the court to not do or cease doing something whereas a mandatory injunction is an order forcing someone to do […]


The Divorce Blame Game


The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill is in the process of being brought into UK legislation, representing a radical reform of the divorce process.  It essentially brings into effect provisions for a no fault divorce. WHAT IS THE DIVORCE PROCESS? The current divorce process requires all parties to rely on one of five factors to […]


GDPR For The Construction Industry


The GDPR is an EU Regulation that became effective in all EU member states on 25 May 2018.   It has been implemented and supplemented in the UK by the Data Protection Act 2018 and replaced and repealed the Data Protection Directive (95/46/EC)(Data Protection Directive) which was implemented in the UK by the Data Protection Act […]


What is a Declaration of Trust (with floating shares)?


A Declaration of Trust, (also referred to as a Deed of Trust), is a legally-binding document that records the financial arrangements between joint owners of a property, and/or anyone else who a financial interest in the property.  The idea is that, when the property is eventually sold, or if one party wants to buy the […]


How to deal with a neighbour dispute


A Neighbour Dispute can occur when neighbours disagree about something that is causing distress and frustration to either party.  Disputes with neighbours occur frequently and range from issues with boundaries, to noise, trees, parking, mess and even anti-social behaviour.  It’s important to understand the different types of antisocial behaviour, how to deal with them and […]


“Same Roof” Compensation: Abolition of Rule Means Victims Can Now Claim


  The “same-roof rule” was an English law that victims of domestic abuse were not entitled to any compensation if they lived with the perpetrator of their abuse prior to 1979. The rule was successfully challenged in the Court of Appeal in 2018 and now victims can claim compensation.         It has been a […]


Do You Have a Legal Right To See Your Grandchildren?


If the Court decides that contact between you and your grandchild is in the child’s best interest, they may grant an Order (called a Child Arrangements Order) to this effect. It is important to seek legal advice because you will need to convince the Court that you have a meaningful relationship with your grandchild, which significantly benefits their lives.


Changes to Landlord and Tenant Law Announced


The Government announced recently that it proposed to change the Law in relation to “no fault evictions”.  It is the situation at the moment if a Landlord wanted to evict a Tenant they could use what is known as the “Section 21” procedure which meant that 8 weeks’ notice was sufficient to obtain possession.  There […]

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