How to deal with a neighbour dispute

A Neighbour Dispute can occur when neighbours disagree about something that is causing distress and frustration to either party.  Disputes with neighbours occur frequently and range from issues with boundaries, to noise, trees, parking, mess and even anti-social behaviour.  It’s important to understand the different types of antisocial behaviour, how to deal with them and […]

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“Same Roof” Compensation: Abolition of Rule Means Victims Can Now Claim

victim of domestic abuse

 The “same-roof rule” was an English law that victims of domestic abuse were not entitled to any compensation if they lived with the perpetrator of their abuse prior to 1979. The rule was successfully challenged in the Court of Appeal in 2018 and now victims can claim compensation.    It has been a long established rule that victims of […]

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Privacy & Drone Laws UK

drone in the sky at sunset

Their growing use has set the demand for regulation and a regulatory framework for licence or permission, liability and privacy and data protection. A drone is just one of the terms used to describe these many light aircrafts which have so many wide ranging uses. This article is not designed to detail the air regulations, […]

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