Commercial Agreements

All too many commercial problems are caused by a lack of written agreements and could be solved at the otset with a legally binding agreed Commercial Agreement

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How can we help you?

How can we help?

We have been asked to help draft all types of commercial agreements, from directors service contracts to joint venture agreements.  It is often what has not been agreed that is an important part of our role.  It invariables requires the consideration of what could happen if things went wrong.

Commercial agreements are there for when disagreements occur that could undermine the business and cause potential commercial, financial or representational harm to the business.

A well thought out commercial agreement at the start of the business venture can overcome these potentially protracted and stressful issues further down the line.

Typical events that we can help mitigate with a constructive commercial agreement

  • When in business with others, what’s to happen if one of you decides to leave?
  • What happens when a senior member of the leadership team becomes seriously ill?
  • What if you would like to bring your arrangement with a regular supplier to an end?

The Courts presume that business agreements are legally binding – whatever the consequences.  If it is an important agreement to you and your business, it will be worthwhile making sure you have agreed it in a formal contract.

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