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Assembly Member Wins Injunction


Sanders Witherspoon LLP are delighted to confirm our client Nicholas Ramsay AM won an injunction today allowing him to rejoin the Welsh Assembly Conservative Group. A trial will take place in February. The leader of the Welsh Conservatives has been ordered to lift the suspension of assembly member, Nick Ramsay, pending further investigation after a […]


Brexit delays increase in Probate Fees


Probate fees were due to increase as of April 1st 2019. The new fees, branded as a stealth tax, would be based on the size of the Estate. The current Probate fee is £215 or for those applying via a solicitor the cost is £155 Under the proposed plans Probate fees would increase as follows; […]


Privacy & Drone Laws UK


Their growing use has set the demand for regulation and a regulatory framework for licence or permission, liability and privacy and data protection. A drone is just one of the terms used to describe these many light aircrafts which have so many wide ranging uses. This article is not designed to detail the air regulations, […]