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“Same Roof” Compensation: Abolition of Rule Means Victims Can Now Claim


 The “same-roof rule” was an English law that victims of domestic abuse were not entitled to any compensation if they lived with the perpetrator of their abuse prior to 1979. The rule was successfully challenged in the Court of Appeal in 2018 and now victims can claim compensation.    It has been a long established rule that victims of […]


Changes to Landlord and Tenant Law Announced


The Government announced recently that it proposed to change the Law in relation to “no fault evictions”.  It is the situation at the moment if a Landlord wanted to evict a Tenant they could use what is known as the “Section 21” procedure which meant that 8 weeks’ notice was sufficient to obtain possession.  There […]


Brexit delays increase in Probate Fees


Probate fees were due to increase as of April 1st 2019. The new fees, branded as a stealth tax, would be based on the size of the Estate. The current Probate fee is £215 or for those applying via a solicitor the cost is £155 Under the proposed plans Probate fees would increase as follows; […]


What is Bitcoin?


How is Bitcoin relevant to applying for Probate? Bitcoin is a form of Cryptocurrency. If this makes your head hurt then we will try and help you understand. It was the same way for us when we came across the term. Cryptocurrency is something that exists in the virtual world. It is has no physical […]