Business Finance Legal Advice

Our lawyers at Sanders Witherspoon LLP work with our business clients to help them achieve their business finance goals. Contracts for finance will often require examination, lenders may require the borrower to receive independent legal advice, and on an remortgage representation by a solicitor is often obligatory.

How we can help you with business finance

If you require our assistance with regard to any of your business finance matters we can help with legal matters arising from:

Personal funding

The owner(s) or relatives may decide to inject their own private funds to support the business.  If so, what security have they got and how do they know they will be paid back?   It may be sensible to have a written agreement between parties to avoid future disputes.

The owner(s) might, for example, consider offering a private lender a share of their business

Mortgage borrowing

This may be an option where (say) the business has sufficient equity tied up in its commercial premises.  A mortgage may be cheaper than an unsecured loan on the basis it is a lower risk to the lender.  It usually requires a solicitor to act for you, and guide you through the process.

Bank lending

Borrowing from a bank; a loan or overdraft.  This may be relatively expensive and a request to personally guarantee it will be paid back may be part of the offer

Factoring agreements

Here, a third party ‘buys’ your invoices for a set price.  They can be a great way to help with cash flow but they can be expensive, with unexpected charges and costs.

Grants and other forms of financing

This isn’t available for everyone of course, but it is well worth finding out if it may apply to your circumstances.

For legal advice for your business finance contact our expert Commercial Law team

Ti Gir - Senior Partner Commercial Law