January 13

New Year’s Resolution – A divorce


The first Monday after New Year’s Day has been dubbed “divorce day”.  Every year we have an increase in calls in January as couples make the difficult decision of getting a divorce their new year’s resolution.  The new year is synonymous with fresh starts and making personal or professional goals.

male and female separated

Being with your partner over the festive period for a
prolonged length of time can result in arguments and this combined with New
Years and looking for a fresh start means that many   couples make the decision to divorce.

If you choose to divorce then it is important to obtain
solid legal advice on all your rights. 
We advise people on how the process works, the timescales and costs they
can expect.   It’s important for us to
understand and support our clients through their concerns and expectations.

A common misconception with Divorce is that once the Decree Absolute has been granted that this is the end of the matter.  Many people do not realise that spouses can each still make financial claims against the other at any point in the future if they haven’t obtained a clean break order from the court. 

This is why it is vital that you consult a solicitor as soon as you make the decision to separate or divorce. At Sanders Witherspoon we are able to offer an initial fixed fee consultation with a family law solicitor.  If you have separated or are considering separating then please contact Satwinder Sahota on 01277 284574 or by email satwinder@sanderswitherspoon.co.uk

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