What is a Consent Order?

Consent Orders are formal documents drawn up in the Divorce and Dissolution process that fully record the parties’ wishes, intentions and what each has agreed with the other in dividing their finances. Essentially they are Court approved Financial Agreements.

The Divorce and Civil Partnership Dissolution procedure is always a challenge. As well as assisting our clients in concluding the legal process of achieving Divorce or Dissolution, we specialise in the preparation of Consent Orders and Financial Agreements.

Marriage and Civil Partnership gives fundamental financial rights to spouses which do not automatically end with the Divorce or Dissolution. We often encounter clients who conducted the Divorce process themselves, very effectively, but who failed to give full consideration to finances. This may often be the case if there are very limited assets or if the parties are happy to move on leaving finances alone.

Cohabitation agreements remove some of  the potential for disputes and the substantial financial and emotional costs of litigation should a relationship end.

Can you get a consent order after divorce?

If you were once married but have not concluded all possible financial claims with each other, many years in the future your ex-spouse may still be entitled to claim from you. This stretches as far as claiming from your estate if you die – even if you do not leave anything in your Will to your ex-spouse.

Do I need a consent order?

Only an Order of the Court (imposed by the Judge) or a Consent Order (entered into freely by the parties and approved by the Judge) can fully ensure that all financial claims stemming from the Marriage & Divorce or Civil Partnership & Dissolution, are made legally binding, effective and conclusive.

Not preparing a Consent Order does, of course, save a little money in the short term but it could ultimately cost you your financial future. Consent Orders need not be extortionate to prepare and a little advice can go a very long way. If there is a full or partial agreement with your spouse, they can be prepared efficiently, swiftly and cost effectively.

How long does a divorce consent order take?

The Family Department at Sanders Witherspoon LLP are on hand to provide practical advice on the preparation of Consent Orders and Financial Agreements, even if that is all you need us to do for you.  We offer a one hour initial consultation with a member of our Family Law Department for £150.00 plus VAT who will provide you with provisional advice, leaving you to decide whether to take the matter forward.

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