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Domestic violence or abuse is any incidents of controlling, coercive, threatening or violent behaviour. It relates to physical, sexual, financial and even online abuse. It is important to recognise and report domestic abuse as soon as possible, particularly where children are involved.

What are the types of domestic violence?

An example of some typical domestic violence situations:

  • My husband hit me last night.
  • My ex-boyfriend has threatened to kill me.
  • My ex-girlfriend telephones me at work and follows me about in the street.
  • I am frightened of my husband and I want him to leave the house.
  • My partner treats our children badly and they are very frightened.
  • My wife says she has paid friends to get me.
  • My boyfriend has smashed all the furniture in the house.

What to do if you are the victim of domestic abuse?

At Sanders Witherspoon LLP we will use the law to help you and your children to feel safe and secure rather than frightened or intimidated by your partner and in order to do this we will ask you to tell us if you are experiencing problems and are frightened.  Once we have this information we will then be able to advise you about the protection you can get from the court and can apply for Orders to protect you.


If you need an Emergency injunction, our specialist team of Family Lawyers are willing and able to give absolute priority to your concerns and, if a court is available to hear your case, to obtain an Order within 24 hours of first speaking with you.

What is the process?

In cases of domestic violence, the court can make a “Non-Molestation Order” with a Power of Arrest, which gives the police the legal right to arrest anyone who disobeys the court order. The Judge will often impose a prison sentence on anyone foolish enough to break a “Non-Molestation Order”.

We know that your children may need protection as well and that you may not want them to spend time with your partner who is violent. We also know that your partner’s violence may mean that you want a separation or divorce. We can help with all of these concerns.

We can also advise you about the possibility of obtaining an Occupation Order.

We can discuss with you when we meet how much this will cost as each case varies.  You will be given full details in advance of how your costs will be calculated and an estimate of our likely costs.  We offer a fixed fee consultation appointment for £150.00 plus VAT which can be useful to find out what your options are and the likelihood of success.

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“From start to finish this company provided a professional outstanding service to myself and my family at a very difficult time. The communication was consistent throughout the process from everyone involved in our case and this reflected in the positive, successful outcome we had so desperately hoped for. ” - Nikki Yianni - Family Law Client

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