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We are located in the centre of Billericay with excellent transport links to Liverpool Street. This means we are instructed not just by people who work and do business in Essex but also by people who commute to the City as well as London-based businesses.

We act for a wide range of employees in relation to settlement agreements (compromise agreements) including many City-based staff who live locally and who work in financial services.

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How can we help you?

Settlement agreements (compromise agreements)

A settlement or “compromise agreement” is a legally binding document between employer and employee. Usually the employee receives a lump sum in return for agreeing not to make any claim against the employer in the future.

We act for a wide range of employees in relation to this type of agreement, including many City-based staff who live locally and work in financial services.

Because these agreements involve the surrendering of important rights, employees are obliged to get independent advice. Sanders Witherspoon LLP is here to provide that advice, drafting the agreement if necessary and helping you reach a decision on the proposed terms.

Most employers will pay for you to take legal advice on so it’s likely that our guidance won’t cost you a penny.

In addition to providing tailor-made advice on all aspects of employment contracts, we have a well-established record of acting in employment disputes, bringing and defending successful claims, as well as negotiating favourable settlement terms.

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