Understand the Laws on Children

Children are quite rightly the most important individuals in Family Law. The Lawyers at Sanders Witherspoon never forget this. When legal problems arise that involve children we guide our clients with practical solutions and legal options that consider children first.

How Can We Help Your Children?

The Court’s primary consideration will always be children. Our clients’ primary consideration is the same.

In all aspects of Family Law, the lawyers at Sanders Witherspoon LLP abide by the Code of Practice of Resolution, an organisation of more than 6,000 members committed to the constructive resolution of family disputes. The Code of Practice promotes a non-confrontational approach to family problems. Members encourage solutions that consider the whole family – and in particular the best interests of the children.

Sanders Witherspoon LLP can advise you how to proceed if your partner has left and taken the children with them.

If the children are going to continue to live with your partner, you will want to know that you can still see them regularly. If your partner won’t agree arrangements with you we can negotiate on your behalf or apply to court for a Child Arrangements Order so that you can see the children.

If you do not think that the children should live with your partner we can advise you about making an application for a Child Arrangements Order for the children to live with you.

An application for a Child Arrangements Order can also be made to the court even if you are not married. Just because you did not marry it does not mean that your children are not entitled to have a proper relationship with you. 

Unmarried Father's Rights

If you are an unmarried father you will not automatically have rights in respect of your children, although these can be given to you by the children’s mother or acquired by a Parental Responsibility Order. Contact Sanders Witherspoon LLP to get advice on how your relationship with your children can be preserved.

Rights for Grandparents

Further, if you are a grandparent you are not automatically entitled to see your grandchildren.  However, the court recognises that you may have an important role to play in the children’s lives and therefore, if the children’s parents will not agree to allow you to see them, you can ask the court to become involved to help you. We can negotiate on your behalf but, if talking doesn’t work, Sanders Witherspoon LLP can help you make an application to court. Find out more about the legal right to see your grandchildren.

Adopting Your Step Children

If you would like to adopt your step-children you should contact Sanders Witherspoon LLP as soon as possible. We will ensure that any necessary assessments or medical examinations are carried out and that there any no legal barriers likely to interfere with your plans. Once all the preparations have been made we can help you to fill in the forms and make the necessary applications to court.

Sanders Witherspoon LLP will provide full details of costs and how these are calculated at the first meeting before any legal work is undertaken. We offer a one hour initial consultation for £150.00 plus VAT in which you would be able to discuss your matter with a member of our Family Law department.  Alternatively, we will provide you with our best estimate of how much your matter will cost overall, how long it will take and what to expect at the end of it. You will of course be kept fully informed in writing of how much work has been carried out and how much more is likely to be necessary.

More on Laws for Children

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Put the needs of your children first and understand your options when it comes to Child Custody after divorce or separation. 

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Make arrangements for your children including where they go to school and when they see each parent or guardian. 

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What to Expect

Our primary concern is always the children and we take a mediation first approach.

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