May 21

Vulnerable women in prison failed by mental health services


£10,000 is being raised to fund a legal case supporting Ms. L, a female prisoner who we believe has not received adequate support for mental health disorder. 

Ms L is now represented by an outstanding legal team, Mr Tim Gir of Sanders Witherspoon LLP and leading barrister Mr Alan Barker, of the well respected public law, crime and human rights set led by Mike Mansfield QC, Nexus Chambers.  

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I have worked for many years with offenders in the Criminal Justice System and lots of them have mental health problems.

This was before mental health issues in the criminal justice arena were widely appreciated. Many of those are stuck in a pitiful circle of offending, poor mental health leading to repeat offending and then prison. Many, many people are serving time because they are unwell rather than bad.

They are being punished because of their illness. It is extremely difficult to save those people from further punishment which then amplifies their problems. The courts lose patience with them, and they cross the custody threshold. 

Misdiagnosis in a case like this exposes a breach in the credibility of the system that I am sure so many work hard to prop up. We will help Ms. L to achieve restoration for the damage caused to her, so we appeal to everyone to please donate whatever you can to support her case.

You should also know that the Respondent (CNWL),  through its clinical negligence insurance, funded by the taxpayer,  has retained one of the largest negligence defence claim firms in the UK, Clyde and Co**. Their client, CNWL NHS Foundation Trust, demanded four months to respond to the claim in May 2020, yet last month, Clyde and Co asked the court to strike out the claim, with costs of £14,000 against Ms L for her "lateness" in bringing her claim.

To read the full details of Ms. L’s case or make a donation, visit

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